Is TV Advertising In Malaysia Still Relevant? 3 Reasons You Can Be Certain It Is

Kimberly Tan

Before YouTube and Netflix dominated the audio-visual media market, there’s the humble television (TV). The world’s first TV commercial was aired back in 1941 for American watch brand, Bulova. 80 years on, TV has remained a trusted medium. But is it still an advertising darling today?

If you have lived through the ‘80s and ‘90s sans Internet like I did, you could probably relate. TV, radio, and print media (i.e. newspaper and magazine) reigned supreme as credible sources for breaking news and entertainment. TV, however, has a slight advantage over the other media because it offers both audio and visual experience. 

There are two types of TV audience: the one who sits through all the TV ads, and the one who switches channels during commercial breaks. Despite the lack of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in TV advertisements back then, there’s no denying that Malaysian TV was a treasure trove of unforgettable television ads in all their pixelated glory, not to mention the catchy advertising jingles. Feeling nostalgic? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Source: Media Hiburan

Here’s a recap on these iconic Malaysian TV advertisements:

Ad #1: Shelltox (now known as Shieldtox)

This mosquito spray kills pesky flying insects as fast as Malek Noor swatted them.

Ad #2: Trojan

Expressive acting and the hilarious transition from bus to garbage truck - this ad is a gem!

Ad #3: Adabi

“Hei nasi goreng, hei sungguh lazat…” – The quintessential comfort food among Malaysians that’s so easy to cook (according to this ad, anyway). Fried rice, anyone?

Ad #4: KFC

Back then, KFC was deemed as the place for birthday celebrations and special occasions. This popular fast food chain even had a tie-in ad campaign with Zoo Negara, because a trip to the zoo isn’t complete without some fried chicken goodness (see what they did there?). 


1. A Feast Of Sights And Sounds

Watching the TV ads above certainly brought back fond memories, didn't they? It has been years since these commercials were aired, and yet we’re still able to recall them. Advertising on TV lets you unleash your creative streak in selling your brand message. As a visual and auditory medium, TV ads are capable of appealing to different senses simultaneously for maximum impact, which in turn provides opportune moments to influence your audience’s purchase decisions.

2. All Eyes Are On Your Ad

When you book a TV ad spot, your advert runs in full screen. No jostling for room with other ads on a crowded web page, and it doesn’t pop up annoyingly either. Also, television allows lengthier ad formats, which advertisers can take advantage of by producing commercials with compelling stories that hook the viewers. Sure, TV ads are skippable simply by changing channels. But if your ad evokes the right emotions, viewers won’t be able to take their eyes off it and they are more likely to stay put and watch it until the end.

3. Reach The Right People

The key to an effective ad campaign is targeting the right audience with the right message. Another benefit of TV advertising is that you have the flexibility to choose your ideal channel mix for a specific targeted audience profile. Malaysia’s leading content company, Astro offers such TV ad packages to reach various demographics. With the increased presence on screen, not only will you raise awareness of your brand, but also enjoy brand retention and gain loyal consumers.


Contrary to popular belief, television is still a viable advertising option to drive conversions and revenue. In addition, TV ads help greatly in boosting your brand’s credibility, thanks to the high level of trust from audiences. Interested in exploring TV advertising for your business? Head over to AdEasy to find out how you can put your brand in the spotlight.