Offline Advertising VS Online Advertising: Which One Is Better?

Kimberly Tan

Advertisements are everywhere, so much so that blank spaces are almost scarce. Then again, we are living in a modern world where we are continuously served with ads anywhere our eyes can see. In short, there’s no escaping advertising.

Have you ever wondered how many ads you are exposed to in a given day? According to the folks at American Marketing Association, the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages daily - and that figure is from 2017. Given how we are facing a constant stream of ads in both offline and online spaces these days, chances are the projected number has since soared drastically.

The question then arises, “Should I advertise offline or online?” Whether you’re a business owner or you’re simply curious about how things work, it’s crucial to understand the differences between offline advertising and online advertising, and what each channel can bring to the table in maximising your advertising efforts. Let us give you the rundown with our quick guide.

online vs offline advertising adeasy

Needless to say, both offline and online advertising come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. And yes, it is possible to merge both advertising strategies to promote your brand! You don’t have to try out every single tactic out there though. Focus on several advertising channels and find that sweet spot from the offline/online mix. If well-executed, the possibilities are endless!

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