Types Of Display Ads

Kimberly Tan

As high Internet penetration fuels the growth of online content consumption, it’s about time you ramp up your online advertising efforts to draw more people to your business. From leaderboard ads to video pop-ups, online advertising lets you reach your target audience in an engaging manner.

Advertise Online And Grow Your Brand Presence

27 October 1994: The first online banner ad made an appearance. Believe it or not, that ad from Wired.com (previously known as HotWired) achieved a click-through-rate (CTR) of 44%! Needless to say, the advertising playbook has changed forever. Advertisers and marketers have gone through countless upheavals since then. There’s also the need to adapt to the ever-changing consumer behaviours, technological trends, and country-specific legal requirements. If you don’t keep up with the digital age, you’ll risk leaving money (and new audience) on the table.

first online banner adThe web's first banner ad. Source: Wired.com

The possibilities are endless in the online advertising sphere. Want to stretch your advertising dollars further while reaching the right crowd in Malaysia? Consider investing in website advertising. In general, it means that you promote your products and services on ad spaces offered by third-party websites. Besides being cost-effective, your ads will be served in a highly targeted way, as they’re placed on webpages with content relevant to your consumer demographics. Display ads are a popular form of website advertising, but did you know that they come in a variety of formats? Here’s our display ad types cheat sheet.

Static Banner Ads

The standard display ad format, aka the web’s equivalent of your morning newspaper. Static banner ads consist of a straightforward image file with call-to-action (CTA) button sans audio, video, and any form of animation – making them non-interactive. As advertisers, you get to decide where to place your ads on your targeted websites. Bear in mind that the cost varies according to the ad placements.

static banner adsSource: Bannersnack


A cut above static banners ads,  HTML5 ads contain subtle yet eye-catching movements like copy fading in and out, zooms and pans, or even animated characters. This dynamic advertisement will definitely catch your audience’s attention. You can also level up your animated ads by adding audio into your creatives.

html5 adsSource: WordStream.com

Interactive Ads

Want to boost your engagement rate? Make your ads interactive! These advertisements are equipped with embedded features that let your audience engage with your product or service. Examples of interactive ads include adding a fun poll and asking users to fill out a survey, in exchange for access to exclusive curated content.

interactive ads

Source: AdWeek

In-Read Ads

In-read ads are placed seamlessly within pertinent editorial content. Unlike other display ads that are served almost immediately when a webpage loads, in-read ads are viewable by design – where users will only see them as they scroll down the webpage to consume the content. In addition to being mobile-friendly, this display ad type supports various formats like rich media and video, making it highly engaging.

in-read ads adeasySource: AdEasy

Run-Of-Site (ROS) Ads

ROS ads can be displayed in the form of static and animated visuals. Although these advertisements can appear anywhere within the targeted online publisher’s site, advertisers do not have any say in where their ads are placed. Simply put, the publisher is the one who determines the ad placements on the website, not the advertisers (hence, the lower ad price). ROS ads usually rotate on various web pages, thus wider traffic is generated by reaching out to the general audience instead of a specific crowd.

run of site ros ads adeasySource: AdEasy

Interstitial Ads

You know those ads that pop up in between levels while you’re playing games on your mobile? Yup, that’s what interstitial ads are. They offer full coverage by occupying the interface of their host site or app. Served between content at natural transition points or breaks, interstitial ads can be displayed in static and rich media formats. While users can opt to close these ads, the timing of the close option relies on the ad types. Non-video ads like static images will show an instant close option, whereas on video ads the “X” option may appear after a few seconds.

interstitial adsSource: TheTool.io

Ultimately, website advertising is not going anywhere. If you’re interested in experimenting with online display ads for your upcoming campaigns, head over to AdEasy, Malaysia’s one-stop online platform for booking advertising spaces.